Machu Picchu has captured imaginations for decades and a trek on the Inca trail to the ‘Lost City’ is now at the top of a lot of bucket lists. The city may have been lost to the wider world but locals had farmed the terraces long before Hiram Bingham ‘found’ the city in 1911.

Machu Picchu was unfinished when it was abandoned and it`s true function is unkown but it was important enough for its location was kept from the Spanish conquistadors. As a result it is the best preserved Inca site and an archaeological dream.
Our Trek and Tours package includes an incredible 5 day trek on the Inca trail where you will see and hear about the various Inca ruins along the trail. The ruins and stories behind them tie everything together brilliantly when you arrive at Machu Picchu. We also include tours of the Incan sites and Cathedral in Cusco and a guided tour of Machu Picchu. There will also be a free day in Cusco after the trek to see more of the city, shop for souvenirs and maybe visit the indoor market.


Our local guides are experienced and knowledgeable and they love sharing the stories of their ancestors.

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