Nephin Beg

"The Nephin Beg mountain range dominates the skyline looking north over Clew Bay. It extends westward from Nephin (806m) to Claggan Mountain (383m), north of Mulranny.

Other principal summits include, moving westward from Nephin: Knockaffertagh (517m), Birreencorragh (698m), Bengorm (582m), Nephin Beg (627m) and Glennamong (628m).
Over 11,000 hectares in the Nephin Beg Range of North West Mayo have been designated as Ireland’s first wilderness area.
This ambitious and innovative project will deliver a dedicated wilderness of forest, mountain, bog, river and lakes in the Nephin Beg Range. The eventual intention is protecting a landscape of scale with functioning ecosystems.

As well as providing completely unique recreational opportunities where challenge, solitude and remoteness are the hallmark, the project also aims to increase nature conservation. This provides for a unique experience as you will feel you are getting away from it all, becoming immersed in the outdoors in every sense.
As always we recommend giving a few days to fully appreciate the area and its beauty.

Day trips are €45 per person(min 4 people)Lunches are extra and transport are extra.

Contact us about overnight and extended stay options."

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